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Effective June 1, 2021 – New Cook County Residential Tenant And Landlord Ordinance. New rights and obligations for tenants and landlords in Cook County, Illinois.
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Chicago and Cook County Illinois-
Tenant and Landlord Rights

Practice areas in “Chicago and Cook County, Illinois”

  • Class Actions Under The Chicago RLTO and Cook County RTLO.
  • Lease Terminations
  • Security Deposit Disputes
  • Evictions and Possession
  • Civil Litigation
  • Chicago and the cities within Cook County, Illinois Have The Most Progressive Tenant Landlord Laws. 

Our Firm

Aaron Krolik Law Office works with tenants and landlords every step of the way to make sure they understand and are comfortable with the process. We are dedicated to providing results for our clients in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois.

Access to Attorney Aaron Krolik

Potential Chicago and Cook County Clients may email Aaron Krolik Law Office directly at akrolik@securitydepositlaw.com and he will respond ASAP.

Legacy of Success

Aaron Krolik graduated from the University of Illinois, in Champaign, Illinois with a Major in Political Science. Mr. Krolik then achieved his JD (Law Degree) at the Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington.

Aaron Krolik was licensed to practice in Illinois and the Federal Bar in 2003. Aaron Krolik Law Office in Chicago was founded in 2004, which promotes tenant and landlord rights in Chicago and Cook County.  

Since 2006, Aaron Krolik has served as co-counsel in twenty four (24) class actions certified by Judges in the Chancery department in the First District, Chicago, Illinois. These class actions consisted of helping tens of thousands of Chicago tenants whose Landlord(s) violated their rights under Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Sections 5-12-080 (security deposits) and/or Section 5-12-170 (Failure to provide legal RLTO Summaries).

At least a total of $300,000.00 has been donated as awards to various Chicago and Illinois non-for-profit organizations due to the following 24 class action cases:

Wolfe v Waterton

Case No. 06 CH 15510

Judge Rita Novak

McAllister v. MEPT McClurg Court

Case No. 08 CH 28166

Judge Martin Agran

Beasley v. Michigan Beach Apartments

Case No. 08 CH 33566

Judge Kahtleen Pantle

Johnson v. Central City Management Co.

Case No. 08 CH 34743

Judge James Epstein

Kennedy v. St. Edmond’s Village

Case No. 08 CH 35529

Judge Martin Agran

Brown v. LFL Regal

Case No. 08 CH 36401

Judge Mary-Anne Mason

Ratleff v. Irmco Properties

Case No. 08 CH 36949

Judge Martin Agran

Sengupta v. MPA Onterie

Case No. 08 CH 37607

Judge Martin Agran

Cheikhameguyaz v. Hawthorne House

Case No. 08 CH 38071

Judge Sophia Hall

Daly v. NNP Residential

Case No. 08 CH 41112

Judge Kathleen Rochford

Bloom v. 1100 Dearborn LLC

Case No. 11 CH 02509

Judge Michael B. Hyman

Shpritz v. Elliott House Condo

Case No. 11 CH 17332

Judge Richard J. Billik, Jr.

Corchin v. Tailor Lofts, LLC

Case No. 11 CH 44480

Judge Peter Flynn

Wang v. 1100 Dearborn LLC

Case No. 13 CH 23397

Judge Kathleen Kennedy

Andrick v Hillco Properties

Case No. 13 CH 24899

Judge Diane Larsen

Jensen v VGM ETA

Case No. 13 CH 03870

Judge Rodolfo Garcia

Seiwert v ICM Properties

Case No. 15 CH 08734

Judge Peter Flynn

Gaines v Habitat Company

Case No. 15 CH 14559

Judge Peter Flynn

Rovner v Forest CityResidential

Case No. 15 CH 10028

Judge Anna Demacopoulos

Garcia v. Greystar Mgmt

Case No. 17 CH 10751

Judge Peter Flynn

Stern v Leaning Tree

Case No. 17 CH 17101

Judge Sophia Hall

Miller v. Automatic Lofts

Case No. 18 CH 0545

Judge Alison Conlon

Navas v 2293 NMA LLC

Case No. 18 CH 1081

Judge Celia Gamrath

Schwartz v. Elm Apartments

Case No. 18 CH 04038

Judge David B. Atkins

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