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Tenant Lawyer in Bolingbrook

When your landlord violates your express rights under the Cook County Residential Tenant and Landlord Ordinance (RTLO) you need to find a lawyer that understands the new law. Whether you are dealing with a pending eviction, needing to terminate your rental agreement, or attempting to recover a security deposit, having a tenant lawyer versed in the RTLO can really help you. Not only can a RTLO tenant attorney help you resolve disputes between you and your Cook County landlord, but an attorney can also review your lease to make sure it is compliant with the strict rules contained within the RTLO effective June 1, 2021.

Why You Need a Landlord-Tenant Disputes Attorney in Bolingbrook?

When looking for a tenant landlord lawyer in Cook County, you should choose a professional with solid online reviews. Choose a knowledgeable, compassionate attorney who will provide you with both support and attention to detail.

Do You Need a Tenant Attorney in Bolingbrook?

You may need a RTLO landlord tenant attorney if you are facing any of the following problems:
  • Moving to a new apartment and you are not sure about your lease
  • The landlord ignores your complaints
  • The landlord violates your privacy
  • The landlord tries to evict you
  • You think you shouldn’t have to pay your rent
  • Security deposit dispute
  • Your landlord is suing you
Because the Cook County RTLO is now the law, a tenant really needs to seek the advice of a licensed attorney. Breaking a Lease in Bolingbrook
Tenants in Bolingbrook have express rights to legally break their rental agreements under the new Cook County RTLO. If a tenant needs to terminate his or her Cook County lease for any reason they should contact a RTLO lawyer immediately to find out if their lease is compliant under the law. Three (3) common ways to terminate your lease under the RTLO are:
  • Did your Landlord attach to the lease the official “Summary” of the RLTO or RTLO?
  • Did your Landlord fail to disclose code violations in your lease?
  • Has your Landlord harassed you or entered your dwelling unit without giving 48 hours notice?

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